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The Photography Show 2017

Like previous years on the first day of the show our first point of call was a visit to cameraworld to see what there show deals were before they were all gone. But the main question on our minds was had Brexit made any difference to prices, well the prices were definitely up on last year but whether Brexit was solely to blame or just a part of the problem along with a world economy still on a knife edge from the 2008 crash. The problems that Nikon have been going through at the moment also does not help, but last year you could pick up a D810 for under £1400 this year saw that price rise to just under £1800. So new gear was not on the agenda this year we moved on to see what else the show had to offer and there was a lot.
Obviously as a Nikon user I am biased and the main focus of my show was centred around their stand and although there was no new camera releases this year the quality of the speakers they had certainly made up for that. Tom Miles talking about his "Moment of Impact" project shot with the Nikon D500. Wildlife photographer Richard Peters about his thought process on taking an image. Fashion photographer Dixie Dean. Helen Sloan Game of Thrones stills photographer. The wonderful David Yarrow with his wild encounters, the passion that guy had for photography was phenomenal. USA Nikon ambassador Joe McNally on the new Nikon SB-5000 radio TTL speedlite.

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On the other stands Canon was big this year (dare I say bigger presence than Nikon and even a bit of envy as they had a merchandise shop with a plethora of goodies to buy like Nikon had many moons ago ah!).
Sony, Panasonic, Olympus and Manfrotto all had a similar presence to previous years but there were noticeable exceptions. No Lexar who previously have had a big stand. Last year One Vision Imaging Ltd, one of the biggest photo labs in Europe had a large presence at the show. Other manufacturers although at this years show had seemed to scale down there floor space was this a sign of where photography is at the moment or how the global economy is?
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MCM Comic Con was also on at the same time as TPS in Hall 4 giving photographers plenty of opportunity to try out there new gear.
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Bartender doing his Tom Cruise 'Cocktail' impersonation on the Sony Stand.
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Getting hands on with Nikon cameras and lenses.
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Above: A busy London Camera Exchange stand.
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Waiting for the show to open.

One of my other disappointments to where the show is going was the lack of photographic opportunities as in previous years. If it had not been for Comic Con next door there would have been very little for us photographers to be taking pictures off. If you have just spent a fortune on a new camera or lens you will be eager to try it out. Previous years there were WWII reenactment, large horticultural area fully landscaped not just a couple of potted plants like this year. Manfrotto still had a macro area set up but their Fungi kingdom was not as exciting as stick insects and other creatures from the amazon rain forests as in previous years. Panasonic last year had exotic dancers, Sony this year did have a cocktail bar set up with a bartender doing a good Tom Cruise cocktail performance. There were a couple of model shoots going on but overall not as much as previous years. Come on TPS we photographers need more to photograph.

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Joe McNally certainly had a busy itinerary for the four days of the show. Speaker for both Nikon and Lastolite by Manfrotto he was also one of the main speakers on the Live Stage with Eizo sponsoring his demonstration 'a Lighting Masterclass'.
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